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Why You MIGHT be doing Labor Day wrong!

Labor day rocks because its truly your day!! We seem to forget ourselves during this weekend. Don t understand well, listen up Labor Day Special 50% off Email Marketing Mojo! 115 more words

Styled by Songs: Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off"

Taylor Swift is known for her unique style and amazing singing voice. But over the years, she has been in the headlines for much more. From rocky relationships to quick turnarounds, Taylor’s love life has been the butt of many jokes. 105 more words


Lest we remember

I’ve spent a bit of time considering my ‘story’. There are things I keep to myself. I suppose you could say I’ve curated the things I want to represent me. 338 more words


Confusing the Confusion of Arguments

How many times have we visited this place. You say I said you wanted to say something that I had no idea you even thought. I know that you have no idea what it feels like to sit next to you while you tell me I can’t love you anymore. 149 more words


All or Nothing?: TorahCycle Ki Tzeitzei

I got an image earlier of a wadi (a valley, ravine or other potential channel for water), most often heard in the context of Three hikers were washed away in a flash flood in the wadi. 504 more words

Personal Growth

Kill Awake - old poems 2008 ii

Why do they say “fall asleep”?
Why don’t they say “Kill awake”?
Sounds easier
Same number of syllables
What’s the difference?
Perhaps they’re afraid

I don’t remember my dreams… 87 more words


Back Home Again, and Again, and Again

Anyone that has kids knows sometimes leaving can be a pain in the butt…not leaving to go on a date with the hubby,  but leaving with your kids. 344 more words