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The cycle

I’m only human

- Beginning -
I love
I cry
I care
I struggle
I cut
I’m hurt
I’m sad
Im in depression
I’m sucidal… 49 more words

Perfect Product For Glowing Skin

If you want that dewy fresh faced look to your skin which celebrities manage to recreate even on their bad days, I have the product for you! 498 more words


My first week and second at school

Well first day at school i was really neavrous and scared…..

but i actually found someone who got the same lessons as me and i was very pleased and glad i knew kinda someone, but as days went on i got to know people better and they were so friendly to me and i knew these people will be most likely be the friends i hang out with the most. 117 more words

New Blogger

Hey! (Anyone that may be reading this)

I have not a single ounce of experience writing blogs, but I would love to learn. I encountered a very interesting blog, and figured, “HEY! 76 more words


Dear followers

Just wanted to say thank you, considering I know none of you, and none of you have been bribed by my mother, I’m very touched that you have deemed by ramblings worthy of a follow; I hope I don’t disappoint.


Just think

Elimizin yandigini hissettigimizde hemen cekeriz veya bisey keserken bi yerimizin kesildigini farkeder farketmez bicagi elimizden atariz peki nasil olurda bizim canimizi yakan yanlis insanlardan bi anda uzaklasamayiz?