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Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #2

Strange were growing Yeva and Mara. Their hair was glowing as heavenly fire, tranquility of the Forest swirled in their eyes of the foliage color, refined were their enlightened faces, skin was smooth as silk, gestures and postures were panther-like. 743 more words


Sea Areas North Utsire, South Utsire, Viking, Fair Isle, Shannon, Southeast Iceland: Messages without bottles

The General Synopsis At Midnight is my exploration of the sea areas of the BBC R4 Shipping Forecast, thanks to the Maeve Binchy Travel Award. The earlier post ‘Counting Down To Midnight’ explains the project. 1,966 more words

Shipping Forecast

They Yellow Trotter's Flight

Przewalski’s horse (pronounced / sh’e-val-skee.) Known as Equus ferus przewalskii or Dzungarian horse, is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse native to the steppes of central Asia, specifically Mongolia. 213 more words

Leo Bar

The Kettle Club of Nottingham

The National Trust is perhaps the most well-known members club. However, many clubs sprung up in the Victorian days, mainly based on politics and drinking or both. 533 more words


Absentia (2011)

Absentia (2011)


Katie Parker
Courtney Bell
Dave Levine
Justin Gordon
Morgan Peter Brown


Mike Flanagan

I don’t really watch horror movies. I have a delicate constitution. 460 more words


This Oni is For You! A Victoria Fringe Festival Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Mochinosha Puppet Company
Written/Created by: Seri Yanai

In Japanese folklore, the Oni are demons from Buddhist tradition who have become part of popular imagination in media and it’s an apt name for the play featuring them at the… 586 more words

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