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Behind the Times

In true blog fashion, I have neglected to update my blog in quite some time. 8 months actually. It has been a very busy and productive 8 months and there have been many, many changes in my life. 114 more words

My Journey

Exit and Enter

Funny how some doors are marked exist only and others say emergency exit! Then some doors allow you to enter and exit from the same place, while others are revolving doors, that go around in a circle. 582 more words


Finding Light In the Dark Days

We’ve all been there, that day that everything possible that can go wrong does. Sometimes even the things that you didn’t even know could go wrong suddenly do. 597 more words


“Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”


Too Afraid to Float

I had the privilege of listening to our pastor a few weeks ago when he delivered a line that struck me, hard. I’ve been chewing on it for over a month now. 694 more words

Tonia G.

My name is Tonia Gauche and this is my Thrive experience!

I am 38 years old. I am a wife, mother to my 4 year old daughter, and work almost full time at my day job. 213 more words



I can’t believe August is at its end!  I’ll be going back to school on Wednesday, something that I am mostly dreading, and only looking forward to a little bit. 340 more words