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Roping in Air Traffic Controllers to help you save fuel, better OTP, and improve safety.

The communication between air traffic controllers and pilots is key to efficiency and safety in the air traffic system (ATS). Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) are looked upon as managers : managing the flow of air traffic, and relaying crisp, and necessary messages to pilots. 152 more words



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Text changes, color changes and minor design changes are included in the price – … 18 more words



A moth flew up, probably from the apples I have harvested. Quite beautiful too. Luckily it flew out through the door when I opened it.  More critters at… 25 more words


Be Outrageous!



Are you truly outrageous? Well, I used to be and I am now again, I was in a huge fog for sometime. And I do not mean externally. 181 more words


This is unreal, really.

OK, so I got sent this awesome video of a guy demonstrating projectile motion. Imagine how much maths would have been needed to calculate the exact spot to make his landing in that tiny little bath. AWESOME!! Thanks youtube! (and Facebook)


The life cycle of a fruit fly is completed in several weeks. Like butterflies, fruit flies develop in stages that do not resemble the full grown adult. 389 more words