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It’s time to extend the woodwinds.

Every single woodwind can have a range extension downwards.  It’s time for the instrument manufacturers to realize this potential and update the winds.


The normal C Flute, at least in professional settings, always has an extension downwards to a low B, yet the other members usually lack this note.  529 more words


Kissing the orchid

To prepare for you totally
the orchid with the golden abdomen
narrow at the waist, striped like a wasp
must be placed here, inside the poem… 223 more words

Creative Writing

Solitary, Solitude, Solitaire

Today’s creativity musings revolve around the idea of being alone. Much of the time creativity is a solitary practice. We write by ourselves, often paint by ourselves, frequently sew by ourselves, practice instruments by ourselves. 523 more words

Bird Song Flute ~ #007 August 2014 - Haiga and Haibun; Plus an Introduction to 30 Days of Haiga 2014

Sounding Window

wind music. breath music. the sound of a light breeze. each breath. among leaves.

birds. each morning. the notes of a flute. soft. soothing. 677 more words

Rick Daddario

Music Appreciation

Dear Students

Here is a cultural challenge for you. Listen to this classical music video – it has two basic Indian instruments, the flute and tabla, played by two Indian  130 more words

Experiential Learning

Great Tone: Part 1 of 3

Tone is influenced primarily by three factors:

  1. Embouchure, particularly the lower lip
  2. Tongue placement
  3. Oral space/open throat

In this first of three posts, I’ll discuss the lower lip and its role in tone production. 423 more words