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Three day weekend. Labor Day.

It sneaks up on me, on everyone, it seems… how can we be closing out August already? I mean, seriously, didn’t summer just start? 395 more words



I have a special liking for slightly deserted landscapes with that abandoned dilapidated look going on. Dungeness on the Kent coast has to be my favourite place to experience this kind of atmosphere.                   242 more words

Elaine Bolt

Flotsam and Sea Defenses

This is one of those Flotsam shots that make you wonder.

How long has it been out there?, is it from the UK or further? 15 more words

A Day For A Photo(s)

Everything is not for Sale

Several years ago, my friends and I went to visit the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra. A stranger there offered us this stone along with two palms full of raw, uncut amethysts. 522 more words


How to Grow a Racist from the Ground

Grow-up in sort-of-rural Oklahoma. Know very few black people. Spend 0 time thinking about the lives of black people and how they might differ from your own. 1,052 more words


Sex Magick Unleashed

Sex magick is the fastest and most powerful way to change your life.

With unique rituals, secret seals and a new method for shifting reality, you get to control the way your life unfolds. 214 more words