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Cameron raises terror threat level from 'Boring' to 'Arms industry needs sales'

Despite the risk of being sued by Aesop for stealing the plot to ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, the Coalition Government has once more increased alert levels of a risk of attack on the UK. 305 more words

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UK starts advertising for Scotland's replacement

In the aftermath of Alex Salmond shouting Alistair Darling into submission, the remaining parts of the British Isles have resigned themselves to the fact that its time ‘to move on’ and start seeing other countries. 272 more words

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Caption Competition: ‘Spiderman and his family had really let themselves go in recent years’

WINNER: ‘Spiderman and his family had really let themselves go in recent years’ (from Pinkyaks)


This month’s photo come courtesy of: bbc.com

DATE: 30th August 2014… 41 more words

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Reality TV needs to be more inclusive for Eton & Oxbridge graduates

A Social Mobility Commission study has discovered that those who really run the UK are woefully under-represented on the only thing that matters to the British public – Talent Shows . 268 more words

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The rest of the world needs to stop depressing us, complains UK‏

Just as the Summer Hols passes its zenith, many British holidaymakers have been left frustrated by the international community’s failure to ‘chill out’ and ‘…enjoy the start of the Premiership season’. 296 more words

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Nigel Farage's selection in jeopardy due to an allergy to real ale‏

UKIP members in the Kent constituency of South Thanet have been thrown into disarray by the unexpected hypersensitivity to unpasteurised beer of their frontrunner for the 2015 general election. 245 more words

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Extremist groups mobilize over the cost of a three-bedroom house in London

New research by the Home Office suggest that Islamic State militants attempt to found a caliphate in northern Iraq may be motivated by the spiralling cost of the UK’s rental market. 233 more words

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