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#Poetry 'The Turmoil Inside' by Fiza Pathan

The Turmoil Inside

My dear darling is it cold in your little world away from me?

I have melted with time over the years can’t you see. 304 more words


#Poetry 'The Rain Came Down' by Fiza Pathan

The Rain Came Down

I was stuck in the rain,

It proved to be quite a pain;

The cab broke down in the middle of a busy road, 300 more words


#Poetry 'From My Heart' by Fiza Pathan

From my heart

Something tells that you are not going to come back,

Yet I can’t stop your memory from hurting while I’m losing track. 362 more words


#Poetry 'Blood Letters' by Fiza Pathan

Blood Letters

I still have your letters & I read them every day,

Tears fall from my eyes & I don’t know what to say. 321 more words


Review of Robert Evert’s Book ‘Riddle in Stone’ Book One-by Fiza Pathan

Review of Robert Evert’s Book ‘Riddle in Stone’:

The first book of Robert Evert’s ‘Riddle in Stone’ series is one of the best books in the fantasy genre that I have ever read. 761 more words

Fiza Pathan

#Poetry 'The Mother's Kiss' by Fiza Pathan

The Mother’s Kiss

The moment I saw you I fell in love with you dearest mama,

That first innocent look dawned on my birth with your smile. 300 more words


#Poetry 'The Demon Within' by Fiza Pathan

The Demon Within

Gentle beast rush out your pain on me with burning fire,

The flame will burn out the venom of revenge that lies within me; 234 more words