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Labor Day

It is that time. One last day of summer vacation. I hear all the parents jumping up and down. School starts tomorrow. OH YEAH. Some will be crying over the first or last child attending school. 247 more words

Walk away from the donut cake and drop the cheddar-cheese-covered popcorn, Michael!

I say this with great certainty: few things in this life are worse than going to the dentist. Now, much of this sentiment is my privilege speaking, seeing that I actually have the opportunity and ability to see a dentist, however and nevertheless, this moment is one which I consider to be dreadful and terrifying. 852 more words

Activity Summary for August 31, 2014

Total steps: 5629
Calories burned: 2039
Traveled: 2.4 miles
Sedentary minutes: 751
Lightly active minutes: 86
Fairly active minutes: 58
Very active minutes: 18

August 31, 2014
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Love Birds...

A weekend filled with LOVE! Some beautiful news came through yesterday, as I found out three different couples I know got engaged. I am so thrilled for all of them as they make the next step in their lives together. 221 more words


3.6 Lbs Lost

So after sixteen days of eating healthier and exercising every day I have lost 3.6lbs. This is really good for a two week streak. I have to admit, I did not work out yesterday. 427 more words


Checking In - Week 5 - Day 7

Today’s training schedule called for a 2-mi run. However, my husband and I made a last-minute decision to go to Vegas, so I brought running gear to run the strip in the AM, but courtesy of my FitBit Flex I know we walked 11 miles today, so I let go of the two miles. 66 more words


Samsung GearFit:

Over the summer, I have been trying to walk some miles in addition to Riding.  I had been looking at a Fitbit, I wanted something to track my daily movement, along with my steps at the track or around the block.   569 more words