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A long week...

A couple of posts ago I shared about our baby-making attempts. Well the good news is we’re now 7 weeks pregnant, the bad news is, we’re only 7 weeks pregnant and morning sickness really sucks. 699 more words


Nausea. And more nausea.

I am sorry for the radio silence. The truth of it is, I have been consumed by the nausea and I don’t really have much to say besides that. 319 more words


Kale and Cottage Cheese

All I’ve wanted to eat the last few days is kale and cottage cheese. And a heaping load of Cholula hot sauce. Up until now, I’ve had lots of pickle cravings, and generally vinegar-y things, but that’s not far off from my usual affinities. 70 more words


I’m 6 weeks and 1 day today.

Last night, I only managed to sustain a superficial sleep for most of the night due to some very mild cramps. 50 more words

Twelve Things I Learnt in My First Trimester

  1. Google Doctor 101

Pregnancy is the best, and worst, form of procrastination; so deliciously enjoyable, but by default, so disgustingly time consuming. And unfortunately, with power comes huge responsibility. 1,534 more words

Mmmm Cravings Begin

Best part of being pregnant is the FOOD! Shawn n I both quit smoking and it has been the best choice ever. With kicking the pack food has been tasting soo amazing. 101 more words


Year 32

Friday was my 32nd birthday, and in the weeks leading up to it, I had been thinking a lot about everything that happened since my last birthday. 202 more words

First Trimester