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First Impressions: Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Hey everyone, so today I decided that before school started, I wanted to try out my newly purchased Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore cleansing mask.  428 more words



Life is not black and white…..
Neither are people….. ~ Greg Maxwell

When will we learn what is right and what is wrong……

OH yeah….that will be when Jesus comes……

First Impressions

Dhading Besi – First trip outside the Kathmandu valley (part 2)

The visit to Dhading Best continues.

#1 Saturday late morning and we move on from the Biogas viewing to walk through the woods surrounding Dhading Besi and down to the Thopal Khola river; 533 more words


“Hey! She’s only into me for my money! (and therefore my sperm!)”

In this post I’m going to talk about dating a gold digger and how it won’t just supposedly threaten your bank balance, but shall also cause way too much emotional ‘investment’ for you in the long run (in short, harm. 1,986 more words



Oh look, a brand new video game console is out, and it not only plays on the tv screen, but also features a touch-screen tablet controller! 1,145 more words


"First Impression"

“We are born, without opinions and prejudices. As a trusting little soul, completely at the mercy of everyone and everything else. And little by little we are thrown into the earth grinder, the unfair game, the mess. 61 more words

I'm Actually in Kyrgyzstan (is this real?)

I arrived in Kyrgyzstan yesterday morning and a lot has already happened! Most importantly, maybe, is that I met my host family.  They seem extremely lovely and I’m excited to be here.   342 more words