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on Opening Grand(ly)

This past weekend was  . . . something akin to getting married, or having your first child. You’ve planned and planned, organized and written out every last detail. 578 more words



Hey guys,

As you can tell, from the quite obvious title, today was my first day of Sixth Form. I wouldn’t class it as my first day for the fact that all we did was listen to members of staff ramble on about the support we’re offered, and the routes you can take after sixth form, and the rules and all that stuff. 413 more words

On giving in and the first 24 hours

Welcome to my year abroad blog! Full disclosure: I am not a fan of year abroad blogs. However, I have been told by multiple people that writing a year abroad blog is a Good Thing and not, as I previously believed, an indulgence which would only be read by my dad (hi!). 421 more words


Classes 101

It’s your first day at university and you are about to attend the classes you signed up , your teachers, colleagues and possible future friends. You have your backpack ready (I already told you about what I’m planning to bring with me) and you are holding a sheet of paper with the names of the courses, the number of the classrooms etc. 212 more words



While some people get excited and are confident about the first day at college , there are many who get nervous , anxious scared even about the first day (me being one of them ) 413 more words

First day of class!

Hello to my devoted readers! (all 3.5 of you)
I’ve been incredibly busy this past weekend so unfortunately blogging was the last thing on my mind. 407 more words

A Day Like any Other Day

Today is the first day of school. It’s not the first day of school ever. Or the first day at a new school. Today is really just like any other day. 742 more words