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What is firmware and (why) should I update it?

If you use a smartphone, a smart TV, a wifi based device, a printer, or pretty much any other device that contains an embedded computer, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked at least once to update your firmware.   1,227 more words


More I2C register talk

Vnevoa: Man, I hate hidden stuff! You’re cooking up an addressing scheme inside another addressing scheme. I don’t like that.

Of course I’m doing all the read/write operations by the book, with addressing. 222 more words


Electronics in repo, I2C register talk

Njay: I’m registered at GitHub as nunojay. I’ve cleaned up my files and I’m ready to push, just need permissions on the repo. I renamed the NJAY folder to Electronics, I think it makes more sense. 555 more words


Channel list for openbox s9/s10/s11/skybox/f3/f5

Favourite Channel list for skybox f3/f5/openbox/s11/s10/s9

Click Here to download

How to load file on Skybox f3/f4/f5

download zip file and copy TP_PROG.dbs file from zip folder in usb stick connect usb stick to the box press menu from remote and then select update by usb from tools menu… 109 more words


Add-ons assembling, Bridges finalizing

Njay: The add-on board is under assembly. The main chips are still on their way.

Njay: I’ve put together the test environment, made some experimental changes to the code to try and read the motoring current, but no luck.  149 more words


Upgrading Brocade SAN switches in single mode

When upgrading firmware on a Brocade SAN switch in some circumstances you may be required to upgrade the firmware in single mode, this is particular common in receiving a new device and requiring to upgrade to the latest firmware versions without having to worry about the migration path being disruptive. 18 more words


Where to Find Latest Firmware for TL-WR720N V1

Apparently, newest firmware for the router TL-WR720N V1 isn’t on the English site, but on Russian site. English site has for date 2013-07-19, Russian site has for date 2014-07-21… 23 more words

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