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Fireflies Wall Outdoor Fountain Multicolor - GF05

Reviews Fireflies Wall Outdoor Fountain Multicolor – GF05 for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Fireflies Wall Outdoor Fountain Multicolor – GF05… 70 more words

Hotarubi / 蛍火

Hotarubi / 蛍火: “glow of fireflies”

hotaru / 蛍 “firefly” hi / 火 “fire”. Pronounced “bi” / び because of rendaku.

“Hotarubi” is track 10 on Oku Hanako’s 2009 album “BIRTHDAY”. 263 more words

Oku Hanako

$$$ Fireflies Fountain Lights: Yes buy

Fireflies Fountain Lights: Yes

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Diamond Digger Saga Level 16 Tips

The goal of Diamond Digger Saga level 16 is to wake up 6 Fireflies within 40 moves. Watch the video below and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Diamond Digger Saga level 16. 30 more words


Fireflies by Owl City -- Can you believe this video has nearly 114 million hits on YouTube???

Needless to say, it doesn’t surprise me a bit. This, I believe, is how Rock & Roll music ought to be performed and presented. Incidentally, if you’re curious on what my bedroom looks like, it sort of resembles the bedroom of the lead singer of Owl City in this particular video. Enjoy

Harvest Dusk - Carpe Diem Special

“The goal of this Special is to write a new haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one given of the featured haiku-poet.” 51 more words

Micro Poetry

Evening Haiku

A tiny galaxy
Of sequins shimmers along
The pond’s tall grasses.