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Taking Time To Be You

Don’t forget that you are a person, an individual, a unique organism.
Our relationships with other make us strong- but they only strengthen what is already there. 49 more words


Starting Off Your First Semester

Tomorrow is the big day! Congratulations to all UC Berkeley Freshmen: you have made it. And finally, tomorrow you will begin your journey into UC Berkeley. 834 more words

Finding Your Way

My Greatest Failure

Sometime over the evening of August 20th, almost exactly a week previously, I made an attempt to take my life. I wrote my “Goodbye… 2,003 more words


Tips for Internships

Internships is somewhat of a craze nowadays. It seems like you need to have an internship to get even an entry-level job after graduation. While it’s not necessary to get one to apply to Haas, I believe it’s still important to think about even as an underclassmen. 1,682 more words

Finding Your Way

Haas Specializations

While Haas only has one major, Business Administration, students can still choose to specialize in their own time. According to Haas Employment information in the Berkeley Career Center, students go into consulting, investment banking, accounting, marketing, and financial and business analysis. 857 more words

Finding Your Way

Toy Kings

Despite how often I make fun of the frequency with which I seem to get lost, it has always been one of my most paralyzing fears. 1,282 more words



Wow its been awhile since I’ve been on this. I’ve been really busy with work and getting ready for school and such. I’ve now found myself crossing that threshold in the fork in the road, however, I feel like I’m being pulled on all 3 roads. 320 more words