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PURSUING CAREER PATHWAYS: How To Find What You Really Want to Do

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what we really want to do in life, but it’s important to pinpoint a path so you can begin to work on your career goals. 79 more words

Finding Your Path

A Career For You

Today is the first day of school for those attending Western Technical College in La Crosse. Welcome back Students!

So, speaking of fresh starts: This blog is all about Careers 4 U, right? 704 more words

5 Tips to Finding YOUR Path

Graduate School- COMPLETE! An ode to those who got me here and how you can do it too!
Debates of college education, student loans, and true values of the educational system have been all the buzz throughout this most recent recession and current economical times. 1,144 more words


Devry University has made available a career personality test here. After answering a set of moderately complex questions, your personality is described and suggestions are given for potential career-path matches along with statements of why each identified path would be a good career choice for you.   42 more words

Finding Your Path


Direction is more important than speed when it comes to achieving success in life. So many people are in a rush, running helter and skelter to make ends meet but have not really taken time to find the right track for their lives. 528 more words

An Update On Life.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.~Henry Adams

Unexpected Changes

In my last update, I shared how I was getting set up to be a substitute teacher.

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Why I'm Shutting Down my Textbroker Account

After a year and a quarter as a Textbroker writer, I’ve finally decided to call it quits. Lest you think the following is tantamount to a child saying “Fine, you don’t like me I’m leaving,” rest assured it’s not. 1,432 more words