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If you follow my blog you will probably be wondering what is going on with me and where the devil I have been. The last you read I was doing a “Blog everyday of August” challenge, well as you can obviously see that didn’t work out and as much as I am annoyed at myself for not completing it I am more annoyed at myself for setting myself such a huge task. 548 more words


Life as a Comet!

As I am staring mindlessly at my computer screen trying to finish up an assignment, I realize my first week as a Comet is coming to a close. 164 more words

Life According To Charlese

Little "Jokes" Go a Long Way

My ex husband use to “tease” me about stupid stuff. Everything I liked was stupid or silly, everything I did was clumsy or just not right and he was never overly mean about it, if I got upset he would say I’m just joking, you know that. 484 more words

Finding Me

Welcome to Our Blog!


I’m Amanda, and the other lovely lady of this blog is my bff, Taryn.

We are both close to 30. We are both single parents. 398 more words


Not a Victim

I just saw a group on Facebook called “Victims of…..” I won’t bother to finish it because they had me at victim. I choose to be a victor, a survivor. 474 more words


Namaste - Something we should all embrace.

Yesterday I started my third year of college, I will be that much closer to the sweet success of my Bachelors in Accounting Degree. I have worked so hard from day one to get where I am now, I have accomplished many things and enriched my life in many ways…So why did I feel the need to explain my life to the older ladies next to me?  524 more words

Finding Myself

She Called Again

No contact has some interesting twists and turns. For years I was kept away from my family so my narcissist could spread her lies and keep control of the flow of information. 455 more words