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Settling in

Establishing home in a new country and ‘settling in’ takes time. Regardless of how long you find yourself away from where you once called home, there will always be times where you find yourself yearning for specific moments, people, routines and everyday scenes that ultimately typified ‘home’. 538 more words


Re-visiting History: Locke, CA

A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area recently told her students about the town of Locke. Kids told their mothers and four Moms decided they wanted to visit Locke with their offspring. 107 more words

Finding Home

Becoming Real (Inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit)

This is a song I wrote after a long and bewildering ordeal; it is a testimony of making peace with the Past. Remember, there is Healing for us all. 414 more words


Musings about Travel, Leaving Home

Traveling the country. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. I remember wishing I was on a better soccer team in my youth so that I could go to tournaments in different states and countries. 986 more words



Everyone needs a place of escape. To let those burning thoughts that keep you up at night, think. To let our restless minds wonder. To be able to just do nothing with no interruptions. 427 more words


in which there is a sense of place

One of the things I’ve been asked most frequently in the last few weeks is whether or not we will stay in Baltimore. In Maryland at all, too, which is odd enough, but in Baltimore specifically, which— well, wow, folks. 1,032 more words