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U.S. Secretary of Defense says 'new world order' being built . . . ABC News!!!

I cannot import this video, but is worth your time to view it. The lies he tells are very, very scary! (Thanks to O.) . . 2,143 more words


Montague Keen, Sunday, August 30, 2014

Montague’s Message
Sunday 31 August 201


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to help towards the purchase of the new Centre in Ireland. 1,125 more words


PressTV: West stands stripped of all legitimacy, by Paul Craig Roberts . . . Thank God, the Divine Masculine is truly rising!!! ~J


Two members of pro-Russia forces stand guard at their check-point near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, July 2014.

Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:35AM GMT

By Paul Craig Roberts… 521 more words


The Daily Bell: Dr. Kissinger on the 'New World Order' – Editorial or Policy Statement? [Analysis]

Dr. Kissinger on the ‘New World Order’ – Editorial or Policy Statement?

By Anthony Wile – August 30, 2014

Dr. Henry Kissinger has written an article entitled, “Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order” posted at The Wall Street Journal. 71 more words


RT: UK seeking to bar Russia from using SWIFT banking network – report

Published time: August 29, 2014 19:30
Edited time: August 30, 2014 01:45

Reuters / Olivia Harris

The British government will press other European nations at a meeting in Brussels on Saturday to block Russia from using the SWIFT banking network, Bloomberg reported, in what could be a dramatic expansion of sanctions. 462 more words