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Why the odds aren’t in your favour: Blockbusters and female leads

The summer blockbuster season is nearly over and once again, something is few and far between. Where are our female leads?

This is an absurdly fair question. 1,233 more words

The Amazing Spider man 2

The Amazing Spider man 2 sequel to the reboot franchise that tries to better addresses some of the problems with Sam Rami and Toby McGuire’s original trilogy. 378 more words


Favourite Villainous Cats In Fiction

The world of fiction is full of cats – especially on the bad guy’s side. I don’t know whether it is just because I just love cats too much or whether I can relate to them somehow (many… 143 more words

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'Based on a true story' - does it affect our enjoyment of a film?

Jack: Step up on the railing. Hold on, hold on, Keep your eyes close. Do you trust me?

Rose: I trust you.

Jack: All right. Open your eyes. 607 more words


Flubber [1997]

Yesterday, whilst doing a food shop in Sainbury’s I came across a shelf of kids DVDs on offer. To be honest I’d seen them all but then  444 more words


Actress Jennifer Lawrence contacts authorities after nude photos hacked

Online pictures of the actress, 24, who won an Academy Award for “Silver Linings Playbook” and stars in “The Hunger Games” movie franchise, began appearing on Sunday. 124 more words


Shitfest 2014: It has arrived!

Watch this space for an acceptance post, coming as soon as I get back from my latest holiday…