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Dear Mr. Christopher Guest,

I recently embarked on a mini-marathon of your work as part of a service to a fellow movie lover who had too little exposure to your work. 885 more words


Kinga Kulcsar, an old IIC student and aspiring filmmaker, recently sent us the nearly completed version of her thesis film: Swan. She is currently studying at the David Lynch MA in Film program. 43 more words


PROSPEROUS – Thembalethu Mncube

I figured, since I’d only seen him in adverts and television shows before we met; I had braced myself to meeting a superstar… Wait, wait…What am I saying? 1,247 more words


Co-Habit Web Series Project

It’s been almost a year since I released my web series Baby Time! What have I been doing all that time? Mostly I wrote a bunch, including a new sitcom spec for BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, a couple of re-writes of the outline for my feature film POLKA, a new draft of a TV pilot BLACKOUT (written with 3 other talented writers), and… 366 more words


My plans for this blog are basically to document everything I’ve done thus far in film making and continue to document the things I do in the future.   27 more words

Barry Sonnenfeld

Well one thing that I don’t like about what new technology is doing to filmmaking all has to do with electronic stuff. First of all because now most directors watch their movie being made from a television monitor and not standing next to the camera.

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Peaceful Moments for Brave Women in Film

Wooden benches on Aegina Island – Photograph by Karen Godard (c.2014)

When traveling, I often snap photos of interesting locations to use as reference material for paintings. 123 more words