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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Let’s pretend we’re in the Marvel universe. New York has been attacked by aliens, London has been a substitute wrestling ring for Gods, a World War Two veteran is looking pretty good for his age and out there in deep space, a group of ne’er do wells have bandied together to chase a McGuffin to make a hell of a lot money and potentially save their galaxy. 364 more words

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Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926), directed by Harry Edwards, was slapstick comedian Harry Langdon‘s first feature for First National. The star was at the height of his meteoric rise and, unknown to him, was a mere year away from his sudden fall.  417 more words

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Movie Review: The Prince Of Egypt(1998)

Again, in parenthesis, you can call this ‘favorites of the summer’ and possibly one of the best religious/spiritual film of all time. And if it so happens to be in the animated category then it really doesn’t matter what else can even come close because other than The Passion Of The Christ not many other Christian films come close. 649 more words


The Worst-to-Best Movies directed by Tim Burton

Previously, I’ve listed the works by Steven Spielberg and David Fincher and the Disney animated features each in the order of my personal ranking. Now I am going to explore the films directed by the King of Darkness, that is, Tim Burton. 1,715 more words

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Review: The Inbetweeners 2- The land down under. Where beer does flow and men chunder.

Cast your minds back to the summer of 2011. Some of you (like myself) had just turned 18 and were making the most of your summer before heading off to new ventures, be it gap years, working life, or University. 1,195 more words

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Heaven is for Real: A Matter of Resonance

Finally saw Heaven is for Real on DVD, and was quite pleasantly surprised. As a film person, I approach the viewing of most films with enthusiasm, looking to find something of worth in even the worst films. 1,348 more words

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The Lives of Others (2006) German title: Das Leben der Anderen


Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Screenplay: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Captain Gerd Wiesler’s service was called upon by the Stasi due to his experience in investigative surveillance.

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