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The Congress, reviewed: Let's get digitial in a moviemaking world made entirely of avatars

Prediction is difficult, especially about the future. Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece Metropolis is set in 2026, but it’s doubtful we’ll have robots as good-looking as Brigitte Helm in just another 12 years. 689 more words


Lucy Review

After Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought that my summer cinema season was over. There was no other films that looked particularly interesting to me, or that I thought I could pay £7 to go and watch. 521 more words

Film Review

Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

Adequate, but humdrum nonetheless. The humor is genuinely delightful. The story plods over well worn ground: the benefits & liabilities of technology, fountain of youth, destroying resources by exploiting them, the value of culture, and so on. 50 more words

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Bad Movie Studios Review: "The Master of Crap's masterfuly...okay film that I hapen to like" A Bucket of Blood (1959)

So, it’s a day late but hey, it came out. And that’s what matters right? So check this out, not only do you get this wonderful review to look forward to, but since this film is in the Public Domain, I provided the film IN IT’S ENTIRETY right on the YouTube channel for your enjoyment. 12 more words


Film Friday: If I Stay

Released today is a film I am so looking forward to go and see because  it looks a little romantic and some will she wont you kind of situations. 78 more words

Film Friday

The Keeper of the Lost Causes

The main reason I was so excited to see the film was because of Mikael Boe Følsgaard (who was absolutely perfect in Arcel’s previous film A Royal Affair as the troubled King Christian) and he did not disapoint here despite his limited screentime. 627 more words

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Movies: Into the Storm Review (or "Fails To Deliver The Gimmick")

Into the Storm describes itself as a “Found Footage Disaster Movie”, but it’s not.

And if you were wanting to judge it on what it says it as rather than what it actually is, then you’d come away from it feeling a bit disappointed. 244 more words