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How 3 Types of Documentary Genre Are Made

The three more commonly known types of the documentary genre are : Observational, Expository and Participatory. Learn more about them in this video.

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Dystopian Underground Film Making

Imagine a world where there is no sun, humanity is forced to create and only the king can procreate, a giant among men he comes for your daughter and eats your food as he fulfils her. 116 more words

Schizoaffective Disorder

Theatrical Firearms

The book I read to research this post was The Theatrical Firearms Handbook by Kevin Inouye which is an excellent book that I read at… 289 more words


Videography Tutorial: Lighting for Video

Lighting for video is as much art as it is science. This video tutorial outlines how “lighting on the upstage side of the camera” – meaning the side away from the camera – can help add depth and dimension to your images. 48 more words

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CALLING ALL WOMEN FILM-MAKERS- We want to see your films!

One of the entire points I started this blog was to show off female talent, to create a platform for women’s voices to be heard (on however small a scale, publicity is publicity, right?) This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be making films as a profession, or submitting them to festivals, you can submit something you made for a school project, or just lil experimental stuff you’ve shot by yourself or with friends. 122 more words

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26/08/2014 - Baker's Blogs - French Film Editing

The last two months have contained some of the most eventful memories for me to look back on. I’ve been a Wedding Photographer, Attended a Channel 4 Event in Bristol and got a nice job working in Bakery coupled with my unfortunately ironic surname. 406 more words


Is Youtube Becoming Too Mainstream?

Hi everyone! So, I have been on the internet recently, specifically Youtube.com. Youtube is a world-wide video sharing platform founded in early 2005 and had business booming in 2013 and 2014. 220 more words