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big spenders

The trouble with a lot of big spenders is that they’re not using their own money.



Epitheton (e-pith’-e-ton): Attributing to a person or thing a quality or description-sometimes by the simple addition of a descriptive adjective; sometimes through a descriptive or metaphorical apposition.  129 more words

Figures Of Speech

feather ruffling

You never know when ruffling a few feathers might save you from getting knocked over by them.



Epitrope (e-pi’-tro-pe): A figure in which one turns things over to one’s hearers, either pathetically, ironically, or in such a way as to suggest a proof of something without having to state it. 167 more words

Figures Of Speech

Language, Punctuation, and Grammar Fun

Reminds me of reading certain books with dated phrases, such as Fred Gwynne’s A Chocolate Moose for Dinner and The King Who Rained  with homonyms, literal pictures, idioms, figures of speech, and passé phrases (a shoe tree, on the lamb, forks in the road).   49 more words

English Language

mind reading

All you need, in order to read some people’s minds, is reading glasses.


jump ship

My ship came in. But everything on it jumped ship before it got here.