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A Day in the Life of a Ficus 22

Would have been finished sooner, but I was walking 5 miles a day to dogsit for a friend of mine, which took up a large chunk of my free time…pretty much all of it actually, also the dog had permanent halitosis. 13 more words


The fickle Fiddle Leaf Fig.

About a year ago I noticed that the fiddle leaf fig was showing up in designs posts, blogs, shelter mags…everywhere. I, of course, decided I must make one mine. 492 more words

New Ficus Salicaria from Seki Bonsai

Not my smokes:

Something of a knob where all the branches have been allowed to grow from the chop site:

It’s not pot bound, but I want to put it into a good draining mix: 219 more words


A Day in the Life of a Ficus 21

As I am writing this a spider is repeatedly trying to crawl down the back of my neck, there are few creepier feelings in the world. 13 more words


Ficus Microcarpa "Green Island"

A few weeks ago I got this F. Microcarpa “Green Island” as a bit of a surprise gift from a new friend. Thank you, Andy! 261 more words


Adam Lavigne visit part one

I had Adam Lavigne over a couple weeks ago to help me style a few trees. If you read bonsai blogs you know who he is and in the rare case you don’t his blog is… 78 more words