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Hi I'm Alana... (All: Hi Alana) and I'm a nutcase!

I am literally a nutcase! I do the weirdest silliest things sometimes and then cry or give myself a hard time or blame someone else or just ignore it and run away as fast as I can. 778 more words


The meat market for alliances

Most are familiar with adages like, “handsome is that handsome does” or the classic “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” I wonder if these were living creatures, how’d they feel when people stress too much on outwardly appearance. 740 more words


Wandering heart

My mom likes to say that my heart is very fickle and wanders off to someone new every so often. I have never been in a relationship passed 2.5 years. 622 more words


I’ve met some pretty crappy people, not the worst, but crappy enough.

As it turns out my friend that I’d been friends with for so long is kind of an idiot; and I didn’t know that would have happened given how he is via social media. 254 more words


Fleeting Moments, or so I tell myself

I’ve battled with anxiety all my adult life.  Some days are harder then others, some days I hardly give my anxiousness a thought.

These last few weeks have been hard ones.   104 more words


they call it 'See Finish'

A new toy to a kid, affection between new lovebirds (puppy love), gadget to a tech freak and the lot can be really overwhelming at first. 673 more words

Sense Perception

Thought : Learn to be content..

Content : A state of peaceful happiness; satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more; (content oneself with) 277 more words

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