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Learning to stop

Hurting my back ended up being a real blessing in disguise. Prior to starting rehab, my legs would cramp multiple times a night. Now I can’t remember the last time I’ve woken up and cramped. 569 more words


Fundamental Principles

Trigger warning: Discussion of weight loss.

Earlier this summer I tried to make a comprehensive chart of all the logical inconsistencies in the conventional wisdom about how fat operates physiologically. 1,472 more words


Tripping Up and Rolling On

I’ve been a bit busy lately.

I created a feast for my regional group of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) that was five courses, 25 dishes. 630 more words


Social Justice, Mythic Foundations and Miss Piggy

This is going to sound odd, but I think I owe really big thank you to Muppets Covergirl, Miss Piggy. Let me explain myself. 654 more words


What To Do Instead of Worrying About Your Kid's Weight

Trigger warning: Discussion of body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Last week, one of my childhood best friends (Belerma, on the far right) posted this picture she found of us taken during our sixth grade camping trip, circa 1982. 808 more words


On Being Fat, Disabled, and Adapting to Life

Trigger warning: Discussion of weight loss and weight loss surgery.

I’ve been fat for most of my almost 61 years of life (from the time I was 22). 1,900 more words


Happy Heart —

Thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far. Please support Casey in improving her mobility while fighting the fat haters by donating whatever you can afford. 1,751 more words