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The Feminism Challenge

Feminism – what is it? It isn’t a group of uptight spinsters who own more than 2 cats. It isn’t a bunch of women who can’t be bothered to shave their legs in the winter (guilty as charged). 255 more words


August Quotes

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”
Sylvia Plath

“I think she was afraid to love sometimes. 308 more words


Rape Culture

I will admit it, I am a feminist.  I was raised by feminists, and I will never ever stop fighting for equality among all people.  There’s a trend going around social media about the “rape culture” that exists and is perpetuated by everyone who has an opinion that differs from whoever is claiming that it is rape culture. 1,065 more words


Shool Picture Day by Lynn Plourde

In School Picture Day, Josephina Caroleena Wattasheena the First is interested in how things work. With her handy tool box she can take apart almost anything, put most of them back together, and in the end, fixes the camera and saves picture day. 272 more words

10 Ways to get Rid of a Feminist

1. Inform them of a woman that isn’t a feminist. Be sure and hand out some torches and pitchforks so that they can begin their crusade immediately. 287 more words


A Warrior Princess: the Modern Feminist.

Feminist. When you hear that word, what feeling does it evoke? Feminist. Does it make you think of a woman protesting holding a sign for equal pay? 714 more words