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How Rihanna beat the trolls

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with reports that a raft of female celebrities had been “hacked”, their private photos leaked online to the delight of pitiful horny boys everywhere. 454 more words


Why I Don't Want a Roofie-Detecting Manicure

Last week, as I was flipping through Vogue and eating Corn Nuts during my biannual pedicure, the unlucky soul who was pummacing my calluses informed me that some nerds in North Carolina came up with a roofie-detecting nail polish called Undercover Colors. 269 more words

Cultural Issues

4chan User is Misogynistic Trash, in Other News: Water is Wet

I want to get one thing clear before I say anything else about this: these celebrity nudes were not ‘leaked’.

They were stolen. 696 more words


Condemnation Of Self Defence

This post is actually entirely unplanned, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while. A couple of weeks ago it was announced that four (male) students have found a way to create a nail polish that changes colour when it comes into contact with common date rape drugs. 540 more words


Jessica Valenti's self-promoting misogyny

In a victory for women, CBS Sports now has an all-women sports TV show.  In this show, women aren’t talking about hair or nails; they aren’t cute accessories to men takling about sports; they are talking sports with the same knowledge and enthusiasm that men talk sports. 173 more words


Pervert hacks woman's privacy and exploits her for money.

Headlines everywhere broke last night stating that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence had been “leaked”, that her scandalous snaps had “surfaced” and that the Hollywood starlet had been “exposed”. 649 more words