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Micropoetry #8

I am giving this heart a bet,
Like I have bet for my life,
If loving you is easy,
Then -
We will be happily ever after.


Your first loveeee

Your first love will always be that one person who changed your life. Im not saying others wont, but im talking about this one person in particular. 51 more words


A Little Piece of Me

I feel like everyone has this thing that haunts them, whether it’s an embarrassing experience, an argument, a childhood trauma, or even a feeling. They’re like our “inner-demons”. 507 more words

For the Love of Writing

The words bind us

United by verse

Turning of phrases

Inherently diverse

Verbose vocabularies

Sonorously succinct

Amalgamated languages

Fundamentally indistinct

©2014 JLCD


Window Inside My Soul

Written on 3/27/2004 and reading it again now, all these years later, it applies to me again in such a different way.

I have to walk a new path, 97 more words


Alone in my world.

Some times things just feel larger than usual.

You get sick and tired of being the one putting in the effort when others don’t even bother. 140 more words

The Child Leaves Home - part 1

I started writing this on Friday afternoon. The intention was to make it quite a long post about my feelings/experiences around my eldest son leaving home to attend New York University. 509 more words