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Don't you feel it? It's strange

It’s strange — Don’t you feel it? What happened to us? I close my eyes and recall many memories the two of us together. It was started years ago, when we sat before another, in class, when break time. 296 more words


Living the Small Moments

Thoughts. Words. Patterns. Rioting emotions. Waves rolling past. That’s what I’ve felt for so long. And in all this I am learning to observe my thoughts as they come. 972 more words


One Day

One day she was lost
so she sat down to the keys
she typed some words
and she felt some release

She didn’t have a vision… 114 more words


In me, there's you.

Night sky envelops
The once sun filled skies.
There I found you
In wreckage
Of what had been your life.
Born into a madness
Living in sin… 290 more words


Is our Ego bad?

There are many definitions of the word Ego around. Some of them consider the Ego as bad, because, the Ego is associated with the “wants” and “needs” of a being. 64 more words



“But I don’t want to be good, I want to be Great.”

I say those words. I say them often, and every time I feel them deeply enough to sense the liberation between each slight break, I also feel them bounce back at me moments later, rejected by the very world that inspired them. 244 more words


Love Quote

Hold my hand, and i promise i’ll never let you go.~WillMcKayQuotes