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Big Call!

The other week I put on my Maternity jeans and picked up my 11month old. I didn’t want to get a new pair of jeans as I had all plans to get back in to my jeans, but I’m not a celebrity that can bounce back to a size 8-10. 152 more words


This week I quite literally climbed a mountain! Not only that, we made fairly good time.

Three months ago, I would have told you that was impossible for me. 379 more words

3 Day Juice Cleanse - Juices by Ginger

I’ll be completely honest…. when I decided to do the Juice cleanse I was due to go on holidays in a weeks time and I was feeling a little nervous about bikini season. 524 more words

Health And Nutrition

Benjamin Fulford August 26, 2014 Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

Ben tells us that Argentina and several other countries have refused to allow the cabal to hide within their borders. It seems that the cabal is making its last few feeble attempts to get its hand on some gold, like Neil Keenan reported. 1,422 more words

What's Happening In Society

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Thanks to KP and BP for posting the full article from Benjamin. Blessings, Athena

Woman at Her Toilet

I’m sorry. I know I have the mind of an eight year-old, but whenever I read this phrase I still get the giggles. As soon as I see something along the lines of ‘She was a coquette, who spent hours each day at her toilet’, I have to suppress to the urge to shout, ‘It was the prawns!’ 565 more words


Hump Day - Week 1 of Internship

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the silence, but the internship doesn’t allow me much time to actually get to blogging during the day and I am too tired to do it at night.   545 more words

Feeling Good