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I’m the Riverman
Gaze into me if you can
Tell me what you see
Tell me what you know
I’m the Riverman

Like water changes, flows and moulds… 80 more words


Dear Gavin,

I just found this piece of text from my computer’s archives. I think it goes well with the subjet of the day, and the question… 520 more words

Gavin DeGraw

Wrong Information

Three suicides occurred within the past three weeks, a time period also shaken by the shocking suicide of beloved comedian/actor Robin Williams, in my small (about 30,000 in population) Minnesota town nestled between the beautiful bluffs and the meandering Mississippi River. 580 more words


MY turn now.

I look around my apartment before I begin with the words again, wondering how the two large bags I lived out of for so long became… this. 947 more words


Is it weird that I get a sexual charge just thinking about throwing myself back into writing?


Hey, Have You Heard? It's A Beautiful Day.

I was coming home on the bus today, daydreaming as usual, when I looked outside the window and saw the sky was bleeding in a wash of reds and oranges and yellows, this gorgeous profusion of rosy colors staining the heavens. 520 more words

Thoughts On Life & Existence

Lenguaje del alma es más que bilingüe 

¡Hola! Saludos y Bendiciones.

Pero, ¿Y qué pasó con el Inglés?

Nada, por ahí está, tranquilo, sin issues del Ego, solo esperando su turno, su momento, su misión. 473 more words