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u-bam-a Still Whinning

Whinning is what immature individuals do when they do not get their own way.

Whiners are spoiled brats and need a good spanking.

u-bam-a is not getting his political policies immplemented; Congress is not going along with his agenda. 248 more words


PPP would never compromise on the supremacy of the Constitution and parliament : Khursheed Shah

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah on Saturday said he considers the Pakistan Army the custodian of the Constitution. Talking to media persons here, Khursheed Shah said the military is a patriotic institution and it is aware of the emotions and sentiments of the people. 194 more words

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#marchinaugust Hobart

Today I attended the Hobart march to protest against the policies of our federal government. As we are not allowed to march in the streets in Hobart the group formed in Princes Park at Battery Point and walked along the footpath and Salamanca Lawns with marshals on hand to make sure we didn’t disrupt the traffic or get run over crossing the few roads. 153 more words


Common Core and the GOP

I’m going to admit that I do not know a lot about Common Core. What I do know is that it sets educational standards and no one seems to like it much. 139 more words



Private school owners in Lagos State and the Federal Government may clash over the latter’s order directing all primary and secondary schools in the country to resume on October 13, 2014, instead of the anticipated September 15. 1,597 more words



I find it interesting that our President is blaming Congress for doing exactly what Congress is supposed to be doing: representing the will of the people. 321 more words


Anyone Know What Planet We are Living on?

As if our world couldn’t get any more bizarre, today I read that there are gray-haired adult illegal aliens attending public schools in Lynn, MA. This is reported by the town’s mayor at a press conference. 105 more words

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