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Africa is not a diseased place as a cross- section of the western media have reported

By Bernard Wainaina
CEO,Profarms Consultants®

I am going to start by saying that Africa is not a diseased place as a cross- section of the western media have reported,but may be,our public medi-care systems are. 523 more words


Jennifer Lawrence

She may have only made one horror film, but we thought today was the right time to become our newest Vixen of Violence. “House at the End of the Street” may not be a good film and we don’t think we would recommend it, but that’s not what the Vixens are about and we can certainly understand any violent inclinations she may have today.


RWANDA: Tracing the invisible footprints in a smuggler’s life

“FIRST OF all, my real name is not to be disclosed in your story,” with a stern look and speaking in a heavy Kinyarwanda accent mixed with some French and Swahili, those were the first words of a ‘middle man’ in the trade of smuggling along Rwanda’s porous borders. 1,377 more words


Interview: Cloud Nothings

One of Berlin’s bizarre summer storms had just swept in and cleared the last traces of the August heatwave, but the sand at Badeschiff was packed with festive-feeling, deckchair-lazing beer drinkers. 1,007 more words


WWII 75, del 2

I går skrev jag om tio bortglömda militära operationer under det andra världskriget. I dagens Aftonbladet har jag skrivit om en annan fascinerande aspekt av det 75-årsjubilerande kriget: de mordförsök som gjordes på Adolf Hitler, både före och under kriget. 315 more words


Who Needs An Older Sister When You Have Youtube?

Growing up without an older sister, you might have had to go through the awful process of trying everything out for yourself. Meaning, you probably at one point over-plucked your eyebrows and then drew them in Bert from Sesame Street style, ripped off more than your arm pit hair with wax that was way too hot, and went through the dreaded life-long curse of the period laid upon females, all alone. 478 more words


Viral Prank Videos: Racist and Dangerous

Remember the time where you would pull a prank on someone and they themselves would find it funny afterwards? These days anyone with a camera and some motivation can create a viral prank video on Youtube with little to no comedic value, while facing the risk of getting beaten or killed. 352 more words