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Perception Is A Bitch

Perception is a fickle bitch.

We “see” the world through our own unique filters and experiences.  That little Stay-Puff Marshmallow between your ears contains some amazing circuitry, capable of firing off millions of messages to our central nervous system.   419 more words

James L'Etoile


100 Happy Days – Day 16
Went to see Ghostbusters in the theater today!!  I had never seen it on the big screen.

Just general anxiety today.   210 more words

100 Happy Days



they live in shadowed places, in places where no light’s allowed

they are seen in the peripheral, their presence disavowed

they may not know you well, they may only know one thing… 135 more words

We've been sleeping in the field again

If that was the last kiss you gave me on the cheek, I’ll be alright.

Lately I have seen to many broken pieces

That reminded me of reality… 158 more words


Bundle of nerves

..and they were standing in front of me as I was the thief,

and they were being robbed.

Fear held my back once,

and I regret it up-till now..


Among Our Words.. is FEAR

Why are we so reluctant to follow our hearts

but we adhere to society’s rule?

There is uncertainty in our emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

We can’t trust ourselves to make a choice.  44 more words


Future tripping

No matter how many books you read or courses you attend or talks you listen to, nothing fully prepares you for parenting. No one warned me about the paradoxes of motherhood which means how you can feel different, opposing emotions at exactly the same time. 1,369 more words