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McKitrick Paper: No Global Warming For 19 Years

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Guardian in 2009 predicted five years of rapid warming:

The world faces record-breaking temperatures as the sun’s activity increases, leading the planet to heat up significantly faster than scientists had predicted for the next five years, according to a study.

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Turn Up The Global Warming. I’m Freezing!

More Arctic Ice Seven Years After Gore Said It Would Be ‘Completely Gone’

In 2007, the populist potentate of eco-theology, Al Gore, declared, “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. 228 more words

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Shaking, Quaking, And Freezing

By Alan Caruba ~

Have you noticed how much earthquake and volcanic activity has been occurring lately?

There was a major earthquake in Napa, California on Sunday, August 24th as well as considerable volcanic activity from Iceland to Papua, New Guinea. 1,134 more words

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Arctic Ice Cap Expands By 41 Percent In Two Years; Al Gore Thought It Might Be Gone By Now

By Tom Blumer ~

Ice, ice baby. That’s what they have a lot more of in the Arctic.

The UK Daily Mail, one of those British tabloids the left has despised going back to the Clinton administration and its paranoia about… 679 more words

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Mainstream Media (BBC) Unknowingly Exposes UN/WHO Ebola Fear Mongering Propaganda Campaign

Without them really knowing it the BBC, a major mainstream media house, has exposed the 2014 UN / WHO ebola fear mongering campaign in their August 29 article: … 427 more words