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Face the Fear

You gain 

strength, courage, and confidence

by every experience

in which you look fear in the face.

You must do

the thing you think you cannot do.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Asylum - The End

*required previous reading Asylum http://wp.me/s4FERj-asylum

I have no idea
where I am anymore
It feels like I’ve been here
for years
Although they tell me… 464 more words

The Twisted Path Group


I think I’ve finally figured this one out. Why do humans dance?

I’m pretty sure that it’s only humans. At least, after all the hours I’ve seen of wild animals doing their thing, none of them have ever gotten up and boogied. 437 more words


The Beach Ball Under the Water

Some thoughts are like beach balls held down under water. They stay under the surface, but they’re fighting to come up. And the more you try hold them down, the harder it is to keep them there. 126 more words

Judo Exercises

The Visitor

The  sky lights up
The clouds let loose
Rain taps lightly on my roof

Soft pitter patter
Turns to a heavy pour
The wind howls heavily… 208 more words

The Twisted Path Group

"One joke composed an island in the night"

Dear John,

I came across the poem below and it made me think of you, so I thought you should have it. It’s by the Irish poet Louis MacNeice, who was a contemporary of… 330 more words

The importance of sharing our devils

What is in the shadows

It is a hard thing to open up and sadly, often impossible for some.  We are so afraid of what would happen if other people saw just how different we were.   257 more words

Doing The Work