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War of Ashes Beta: Final Summary

The War of Ashes beta playtest comes to a close today.  Since the beta test began, I’ve run a session of character generation, a two-part adventure, and a one-off game that was essentially just one big combat to try out the new mechanics some more.  2,358 more words

Beta Testing

Fate's Game

Look unto Death
Or let Death look unto you.
Time endlessly flutters by
But are we to choose?
Life is a game
Cruel for the most… 55 more words


Sliding Doors...Wake up call to just listen?

About a year ago my best friend and I saw the film ‘Sliding Doors’ since then it’s been our bible! Everything we think of is ,what if now’, but there reaches a point when this attitude can cause mayhem and maybe you should just not do anything.. 347 more words

Gig Alert !

I’m still in Toronto but you guys know the drill.. always working – next Hypno-Show – Sept 12, 2014 – Michael J Fox Theater in Burnaby for The BC Children’s Hospital – if you drop by plz say hi – sending love around the world – S


Love is not just a coincidence nor fate
Sometimes it’s a matter of choice


Small, shiny things

I took this photo a few weeks ago while Sweetie & I were having a campfire and watching the sunset.  Remember the velella?

These are tiny jelly fish that live on the very surface of the water, and they grow a tiny sail of cartilage from their backs and sail wherever the wind takes them. 297 more words


A reacting reach.

i’m reaching for branches,
but instead, i grab twigs.
my extension is met
will repulsion.
why can i not reach
what i want?
why must my slacken… 23 more words