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The Real Tax Benefits of Inverting to Canada

On August 26, Burger King announced that it entered into an agreement to acquire Tim Hortons, Inc., the Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain, in a transaction that will be structured as an “inversion” ( 1,337 more words


World's Worst Taco Bell Customer Grabs Employee's Butt Through Drive-Thru Window

We understand that Taco Bell’s sole reason to exist is to sate customers’ gluttonous cravings. But while it’s okay to satisfy your lust for cheese and meat-like product with a burrito, it’s most definitely not okay to give into an idiotic desire to grab a Taco Bell employee’s rear-end. 150 more words

Fast food workers to strike over minimum wage dispute

Hundreds of fast food workers in 150 cities across the country plan to strike and protest on Thursday, the latest effort to push companies like McDonald’s to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, organizers said Monday. 56 more words


More Fast Food Strikes Expected For Thursday

Getting a Big Mac, Whopper, Baconator, Double Down, or Chalupa might be a bit of an inconvenience on Thursday, as supporters of the movement for higher pay and union membership for fast food workers say employees will strike in 150 cities. 374 more words

39% of Americans Are Cutting Down on Meat

According to a recent NPR poll, 39% of Americans are cutting down on meat, primarily for health reasons. Chipotle responded to the growing trend earlier this year by rolling out braised tofu sofritas in its restaurants nationwide. 35 more words

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Fast Food Rules For Back To School!

Today is back to school for thousands of students in our area. My girls were out of that door with the quickness.

Speaking of quickness, when school is in, parents are holding down jobs and then add in the afterschool activities, it is so easy to grab some fast food. 267 more words

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