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Israel, Palestine, and the Media with Rania Khalek

Today we sit down with independent journalist Rania Khalek to discuss how the media deals with the Israel-Palestine conflict and how we can amplify Palestinian voices. 14 more words


Two dead in NZ govt welfare office shooting

New Zealand a place where crime was rare, then it was only violent crime being rare, then only knife rare, then finally crime was as commonplace as anywhere else. 141 more words



She is the kind of person
who burbles on about Katherine Mansfield
living as she does
preciously, far from jackboot lands,
and institutions with high electrified fences… 9 more words


Pahk Ya Cah? Can't! They'll be BLOOD IN THE STREETS!

(from JayG, in part)

More great news from the land I escaped…

Boston Puts Brakes On Haystack Parking App

A new app that allows people to find parking spaces in Boston is being shut down in response to a vote by the city council.

167 more words
'everything That's Old Is New Again'

3.2.3 - The Banality of Ideology

The Banality of Ideology
Alex Struwe, Goethe University Frankfurt

Abstract: For many thinkers, Hannah Arendt seems to exemplify the ultimate horizon for a contemporary leftist critique. 3,716 more words



A terror threat?
Oh, yeah, you bet!
It’s clear severe
The Neocon MO, though

And so-called leaders
Bottom feeders
How they roll: 34 more words


Provisional Thoughts on What's Happening in the Ukraine.

Provisional Thoughts on What’s Happening in the Ukraine.

I have been struggling to come to grips with what is happening in the Ukraine.

Ukraine has lived in the shadow of its “Great Russian Chauvinist” (Lenin) neighbour to the east since the middle of the 17th century. 1,376 more words