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Farm Club Helps Again

We had a couple of impromptu Farm Days–these are days when I have a list of things to be done and I e-mail Farm Club… 678 more words

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Swallow Silhouettes

The last few mornings I have seen a family of swallows on the wires near the house. The photo above was taken through the window. The rest of the photos were taken tonight after getting back from walking the dogs. 19 more words

Farm Life

The Importance of "me" Time - Indulgence or Necessity?

Isn’t it funny how the afternoon of 9/11/01 we promised we were going to slow down, appreciate things more and LIVE rather than just working and chasing a dollar. 639 more words

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The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

This past week my parents came from Texas to spend some time on the farm and although the trip was short, my heart is filled with family love once again. 103 more words

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Stalking Butterflies

I took my camera with me to change the pasture fence this morning. I shouldn’t do that if I have things to do. I get distracted by things like dew drops and butterflies and flowers. 129 more words

Farm Life

Bats in Need of Conservation

  • Bats are in need of conservation
  • Bats provide all natural insect control.
  • Bats do not harm humans.

Do you wish there was a better way to control mosquitoes? 782 more words

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The Return of Bandit

“Now they return home, their bones bruised and their spirit slightly broken, but they’re still alive, and they will be well sometime soon.”
~ Hannah Nikka Bryan, Soldier’s Descent…

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