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Author Interview Sixty-Four - Donny Swords - Fantasy/Horror

Welcome to Donny Swords

Where are you from and where do you live now? I was born in Puyallup, Washington.  I currently live in Glendale Arizona. 2,120 more words

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The One Lovely Blog Award, Part 2

This blog is a day late. Sorry! Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my husband in climbing a mountain and picking huckleberries while sipping wine. 260 more words

Fantasy Author

Dragon Circles

Fairy rings are one of nature’s weird and cool phenomena, a circular formation of mushrooms growing on the ground. They can occur anywhere, from tundra moss to forest, but are most visible in fields and plains. 231 more words


Dragons of Earthsea, Part 5

In The Other Wind, Ursula Le Guin brings closure to the longest arc of her Earthsea Books. This arc has to do with death, how people fear it, fight it, and in her world have changed the reality of death itself. 773 more words


Last Weekend

We were at SpoCon, our local SF convention. I was on panels and my daughter was helping out our friend who is a dealer. Here she is, showing off one of the puppets.


Dear God...

Dear God,

Today I have much to share with you, I have both great news, and good news. Once again another summer has gone, and as usual, I found myself busied with the goals and responsibilities of my life, only to look up and realize that many weeks have escaped me, yet there is still so much to be accomplished. 332 more words

Dragons of Earthsea, Part 4

In The Farthest Shore, we can see the author reaching for a deeper understanding of dragons. Not only the magical monsters, cunning yet savage of appetite, she had shown in the first volume. 377 more words