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Fantage Fairy Clothes

So I drew my own clothes for this blog. I dunno why I did it, but I just suddenly really felt like doing it. I never drew it before so don’t blame me ’cause its so bad :P

Fantage Back to School Event

So.. yeah. Fantage is having a back to school event. A bit late I guess, but the workers are probably very busy.
I have no pictures… 59 more words

First blog post! And First time using wordpress. I’m a bit confused tbh :3 Okay, anyways. Hope you like my blog :) I usually use weebly, but I might just switch this to if I like it better. 28 more words



The most helpful Fashion Help EVER! I decided to release this today, because of my massive view improvement.

Click here for the best Fashion Show main page. 23 more words


UPDATE: No More Red Text?!

OMG! I realized that after the little “update” Fantage did, something was missing. Fantage, didn’t even IMPROVE anything, and instead, they took something DOWN. I think this is kind of upsetting :( .Okay so me and Ceeque just realized that there were no more red texts! 171 more words


Funhouse Frenzy

Edit: I saw someone wearing the hair, it looks like this:

I think it’s a little weird…

A short (and a little boring) event: Funhouse Frenzy. 142 more words

Fashion Battle

When you’re a high-leveled Fantagian with lots of items, your favourite game is bound to be Fashion Show. (Not that I’m saying I’m high-leveled.) So when Fantage releases a one-on-one fashion challenge… :) ! 346 more words