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sneak peek: Price family: Omaha, Nebraska

You’ve seen this beautiful family on my blog in the past.  Every time I’ve worked with them, they have been going through major life changes, all very special and bittersweet, sometimes heartbreaking. 83 more words


Actions speak louder than words!

Although it is nice to hear the “I Love You.”, and “I care about you!”, it’s still much better when we can feel it.

Time is sensitive. 54 more words


Nirvana in the South

Living in the South has got to be one of the best things ever.

Apart from the heat and humidity, which I tolerate up until I get home from the beach and then begin to wistfully dream of cooler days, colder nights and that clean, clean smell, I really do love living here. 1,165 more words


Review: Nine Open Arms by Benny Lindelauf

Nine Open Arms by Benny Lindelauf

Translated from the original Dutch, this book is the story of Fing and her family.  Fing’s mother died years ago and since then her father and her grandmother have taken care of them.  They are a big family, with Fing’s three older brothers and her two sisters, Muulke and Jess.  Fing’s father has decided to start a cigar business, so they move out of town to a big old house that has something very strange about it that Fing can’t quite figure out.  They call it Nine Open Arms, because that is how far across it is.  The house is near a cemetery, the front door is at the back, and there is a bed in storage that looks like a tombstone.  As the girls start a new school, they slowly begin to discover the secrets of Nine Open Arms and of their own community and family. 212 more words

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Turn the Basket Upside Down and see what falls out!

Although the writing of this blog will do little to change the (forced) bowing down to special interest groups in America, it is worth noting the complete hypocrisy associated with these groups when it comes to Christians. 284 more words


~ A Fathers Arrival ~

~ Return of the Patriot ~

One on her hip
One held her hand
One stood taller
As if now in command

Waving a husband, 121 more words