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Raising Anchor

Today is Labor Day. I have exactly two weeks before I move from Virginia Beach to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I’ll be staying with my mother and stepfather for a short while (hopefully) before finding a place of my own again. 494 more words


Thoughts on: Familiar; Recognisable

If every face in a crowd can be rendered recognisable, then what is the value of familiarity?

Why does knowing one person take precedence over another? 63 more words


Home         noun           

1. a place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives

2. a familiar or usual setting: congenial environment

3. a place of origin… 14 more words

Office Heroics

The last sentence in David Brook’s August 28 column reads, ” It’s possible to be heroic if you’re just sitting alone in your office. It just doesn’t make for a good movie.” 23 more words


August 28th - Futurity

Futurity – n 1: time to come: future 2. the quality or state of being future 3. plural: future events or prospects

He moved away from me, his arm slipping out of my grasp, and two futurities stretched out in front of me. 90 more words


Have you ever felt desperately lost?

As a kid I got lost a few times for about a couple of minutes. I let go of my grandmother’s hand while looking back at something that attracted my attention, and for a few seconds this desperate feeling of being lost in the world forever, made me fret with anxiety. 238 more words


New Places and Old Faces

I would call today a successful day. I let my guard down and actually was able to have human interactions. I even wore regular clothes, and didn’t walk around in gym shorts. 626 more words