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What the 'Yes Means Yes' Bill Means for College Campuses

Way to go, California. Last Thursday, the state unanimously passed a bill called “Yes Means Yes,” which defines consent on college campuses and requires colleges to adopt policies concerning sexual assault, domestic violence, gang violence, and stalking—policies which Senator Anthony Canella says “they should have been already doing.” 859 more words


(fill in the blank) Until Proven (fill in the blank)

Which word goes first: “innocent” or “guilty?”

According to the court of law, “innocent until proven guilty” is the law of the land. According to the court of public opinion (i.e. 774 more words


Ex wife downloads Child Porn Images to Frame Husband

August 21, 2014 –  INDIANA, Pa. (AP) – A western Pennsylvania woman faces up to nine years in prison for downloading child pornography in an attempt to frame her estranged husband. 192 more words

False Accusation

Vindicating Forgiveness

I sat at lunch with a dear friend recently, swapping stories of past hurts and current healing. Sadly, neither of us was surprised by the other’s experiences of betrayed friendships and smeared reputations, spiritualized… 959 more words


The Times manipulates public opinion against Russia

The Times has published an image of a U.S. citizen Lubomir Guzar, Bishop of Ukrainian Catholic Church and war advocate, lighting a Molotov cocktail at Maidan in Kiev with a caption that reads: “Nato accused Russia of destabilising Ukraine to justify military intervention.” 53 more words


Hobart and William Smith Colleges Frustrated by Unwanted Exposure of Rape Case in NY Times

Hobart and William Smith Colleges is now in a maelstrom of controversy because of a frontpage NY Times story about how it cleared 3 Kappa Sigma fraternity football players for gangraping an 18-year-old freshman after less than two weeks’ investigation and panel hearing. 1,068 more words