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fall into it

It’s September 2nd & I simply cannot believe it! Summer is officially over & cooler days & everything pumpkin & cozy are approaching rapidly now. We’re transitioning into my absolute favorite season. 582 more words

Abbey Kay

Fun Fall Events to See and Do in New England

Fun Fall Events to See and Do in New England

Debi Rideout, Yahoo Contributor Network

All over our nation are people who want to do some fun things during the fall season. 485 more words


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey's Rhyme & Reason-During The Holiday Season (1)

To feel shopping, in the air, as the leaves fall from the trees-

And if we’re lucky, to experience a gentle much welcomed breeze.



fall is when everything falls in place

or at least i hope so, because it sounds better than “falls apart”

summer was a fail in more ways than one (one: i didnt get to go to the beach more than two times). 225 more words

DIY: Iced Coffee @ Home

Now I’m not one to post about what I’m eating or drinking but lately I’ve been reading other blogs and looking on Pinterest for creative drinks and foods when I came across a DIY (do it yourself) iced coffee. 330 more words


The coolest back to school looks!

Summer is really fun, it is!  But so is going back to school… I know, I know but you get to see your friends, join sport teams and clubs, this is such a great opportunity to try something new!  313 more words